ISSN Texas Convening – March 23, 2023

At Houston Academy of International Studies, you’ll also get to experience the life of a school that is wholly focused on global advocacy and learning. While there, you’ll learn more about how you and your school(s) can become a formative partner in this effort by leveraging a rich yet simple framework that advances whole-school engagement strategies, supports innovative school leaders, and develops global competencies within your school(s) and communities.

This session will be facilitated by ISSN representatives and Houston Academy for International Studies leaders, who will provide an overview of the strategies that advance achievement and the development of global competence by integrating learning across your existing curriculum through a unique combination of professional development, globally focused curriculum tools, project-based learning, and authentic assessment.

Click here for the full agenda for the March 23 meeting.

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Shari Albright, President, Charles Butt Foundation


Melissa Jacobs Thibault – Principal, Houston Academy for International Studies

Steve Magadance, Principal – International School of the Americas

Kathy Bieser, Principal – Advanced Learning Academy